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10 Drimsdale, Isle of South Uist ,


  • Land
  • Status: Under Offer
  • Area: Western Isles Area
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Property Description

The opportunity has arisen to purchase the assignation of the tenancy of 10 Drimsdale, Isle of South Uist. Services to the croft are located nearby. The in-by area of the croft extends to some 9.61Ha or thereby mainly comprising of good quality grazings. There are extensive stone outbuildings also included together with a share in the arable machair and common grazings.

Crofting is a system of landholding unique to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland which is normally held on a tenancy. This may or may not include a house and farm buildings.

When looking to tenant a croft, a person must obtain the approval of the Crofting Commission www.crofting.scotland. . The Crofting Commission’s aim is to promote the well-being of crofting communities. They will consider several points when an application is received which include the specific needs and long term interests of the community, and the skills a new tenant will bring, suitability of the new tenant in terms of their experience and plans
for the croft. The suitability of the proposed tenant is of prime importance and they will be asked to give plans for the working and stocking of the croft as well as previous experience and skills which would be useful to the township. The Commission are able to refuse an assignation if they feel the proposed tenant is not suitable.

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