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Letting Management Service 1

We as your marketing agents and Solicitors, would be responsible for:

1. Visiting your property, taking details of the accommodation. Thereafter marketing the property through our offices in Oban or Benbecula.

2. Locating a suitable tenant, obtaining character references and arranging a mutually convenient entry.

3. Preparation of the usual statutory notices (i.e AT5, Lease and Repairing Standard Letter).

4. Obtaining acknowledgments of the statutory notices from the tenant.

5. Collecting the first month's rent plus deposit from the tenant. The deposit would be held with the Letting Protection Service Scotland for the duration of the tenancy.  The first month's rent would be used to pay our fees plus VAT (as undernoted) with the balance sent on to you.

Letting Management Service 2

We as your marketing agents and Solicitors, would be responsible for everything included in Letting Management 1 above, plus the following:

1. Preparation of the inventory of furnishings (if applicable).

2. Installing the tenant in the property, taking commencement meter readings and communicating these to the relevant utility company. We would also contact the Council Tax Office and advise them of the change in occupation.

3. Collecting rent on a monthly basis from the tenant. We would then deduct our commission fee from the rent and send on the balance due to you (either to your forwarding address or direct to your bank).

4. Arranging to deal with any queries the tenant has and attend to all minor repairs.

5. Arranging to inspect the property on a regular basis if required.

6. Arranging to check the inventory and general condition of the property on the tenant's vacation. Deducting from the deposit any damages and sending on the balance to the tenant, or if the property is in the same condition as it was when let (fair wear and tear excepted) sending on the full deposit to the tenant.

7. Taking final meter readings and communicating these to the utility company. We would also arrange to advise the Council Tax Office of the tenant's vacation.